Asian & Black girls are constantly pinned against each other because we represent opposite sides of the “non-white people” spectrum. Asians are “submissive, quiet, and shy” while black girls are “aggressive, loud, extroverted” and whenever these paths cross, white people will get angry

They constantly tell Asian girls that they are the “good” minority, and in the same breath sexualize these women by taking and posting pictures of them clad in just swimsuits and japanese school girl uniforms

Whites tell us black girls that we are too loud and abrasive, but will put us on the front lines of Versace and Givenchy and praise our skin color and wish for our bone structure

Asian and Black girls are in a constant cycle of Idolization, dehumanization and fetishization and we need to break out of this vicious cycle and stand against white supremacy and this constructed racist institution


have i told you how much i hate outer space?

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and it’s up to us to cherish the time we’re given to ensure we live happily ever after.


young avengers #008 | Oh god. I have nightmares about rabbits.

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does the A in USA stand for ally